We always get questions about nutrition and for the most part we stay “in our lane” when it comes to creating a plan around food.   In this case we are looking at Sports Drinks vs Chocolate Milk….. Which one is the best post workout recovery drink?  The best has a mixture of both carbohydrates and protein.  Carbohydrates to help refuel the muscles and Protein to help rebuild them.

Compared to most sports drinks, chocolate milk crushes it in every single category. most sports drinks make their money off being an excellent source of fuel for athletes to refuel after an intense workout where they lose large amounts of electrolytes as a result of large amounts sweat lost. While the sodium levels are in the same realm as chocolate milk’s, most of them severely lack another key electrolyte — potassium, by a whopping 395mg. They also fail to supply the same amount of carbs per serving as a homemade glass of chocolate milk does.

Are there better options??  Absolutely!  A protein powder mix is superior to chocolate milk after a strength training session.  When just looking at just sports drinks vs chocolate milk the chocolate milk wins unless there are underling issues with consuming dairy as many people have allergies to dairy products.  If so contact your doctor or a registered dietitian to see what is best for you.