A Peak Athletics Health Risk Assessment & Exercise Prescription is a comprehensive evaluation of an individuals current health status and personalized exercise prescription.  This is a four step process that takes place over the course of four sessions with a Peak Athletics Exercise Physiologist, qualified to administer this level of assessment.  A client will walk away from this process with a in depth report outlining their current health status, 10-year risk percentage of experiencing a heart attack or developing cardiovascular disease, as well as a personalized exercise prescription to improve any areas of their health that may be considered at risk in addition to improving overall health and quality of life.


Session 1

  • Initial Consultation
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Health History Questionaire
  • ACSM Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Analysis
  • Review of Blood Lipid Panel and Fasted Blood Glucose

Session 2

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test
  • Height & Weight
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Waist Circumference

Session 3

  • VO2 Max Test
  • Grip Strength Test
  • Sit & Reach Test
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure

Session 4

  • Final Consultation
  • Present Exercise Prescription
  • Review and Explanation of Results from Testing
  • Tips and Guidance to Improve Tested Values
  • Answer Questions


Cost: $300