Metabolic Rate Testing

Looking for a new diet?  You can find them everywhere… bookstores, infomercials, and any magazine at the grocery checkout but with all the diet fads out there, over 90% of people who lose weight gain it all back.  The real key to weight loss is knowing what your body needs! The only way to know what your body needs is through Metabolic Testing.  Metabolic Testing shows you just what is going on inside your body to unlock the mystery of your metabolism!!   Call to schedule your Metabolic Test today!

Cost: $100

Cardiovascular Fitness Testing

A VO2 test measures the amount of oxygen your body uses at different exertion levels while you exercise on a bike or treadmill. This is done as you breath through a mask during a short workout.  The recorded information is then used to calculate your personal Target Intensity Zones. These zones will give you the specific target heart rate required for each level of intensity. Exercising within your zones will get you results that will amaze you!

This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. The more oxygen a person can use during high intensity exercise, the more energy a person can produce. Following the test clients leave with an accurate measurement of his/her current fitness level and a plan to improve their fitness level.

Cost: $150

Body Composition Assessment

Using ACSM Guidelines and Gold Standard methods, we can determine your Body Fat %. With your weight and Body Fat %, we can calculate your Lean Body Mass (muscle, organs, skeleton), which we try to preserve & maintain while reducing weight.

Cost: $30